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Trigger Fitness

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Latest Topics

  • Glycemic Index, glycemic load and insulin index

    To understand the importance of these measurements, it is important to understand their hormonal implications. Our blood glucose is maintained in a narrow range – too much glucose in the blood has the potential to cause damage to tissues and too little means our tissues (in particular the brain) is...
  • Introduction to cortisol

      Cortisol is a commonly referenced hormone that is related to the stress response. Once again, in this brief article I will address some of the basics of the hormone, bearing in mind that its function and interactions with other hormones and various tissues can be quite complex and highly...
  • Insulin continued = Does insulin cause fat gain?

    My first introduction to the hormone insulin should have made it clear that insulin is broadly categorised as a “storage” hormone and has effects on fat and glucose metabolism in the body. This has led many nutritionists and coaches to point the finger at consistently elevated insulin levels as a...
  • Insulin: The Basics

                There is a lot of talk in the nutrition and health world about insulin. I hope in this post to give you a basic background on what insulin it, what it does and what relevance it has to health. This is not intended to...
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Trigger Fitness
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Trigger Fitness
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