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Cato’s Blog

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Get Your 4 Pack of Active Release Treatment NOW and Beat the Price Rise

  Any Active Release consultations booked from Monday 21st of April will be $75 per 30 minute consultation. We’re offering a 4 pack (to be used at any time) for $264 (saving of $36).  Buy a 4 pack before the 21st of April and save money!  CLICK HERE NOW or call Latitia on 0410 509 237 to purchase your pack.  And remember once you purchase your pack you can use them at any time you like!...

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It was a year ago when I came across “trigger fitness” when I typed in “personal training George street” in Google. I was amazed by the testimonial page of trigger fitness, in particularly the 12 week transformations. I decided to join trigger fitness straight away. During my one year of training with trigger, I had the opportunity to train with Cato and Luke. When I started, I was unhappy with my body and lifestyle. One year on, I can see a tremendous change in my body compositions and I am now living a healthier life. The trigger team are truly professional. You will receive email notifications each week to keep you update on your sessions. When you want to book extra sessions or move your sessions, all you have to do is contact Latitia and everything will be sorted for you instantly. I don’t think...

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Simone’s transformation

                  Cato is amazing, I cant praise him enough. Hes dedicated, has a really positive attitude, and an incredibly vast knowledge of his profession. Every month there is a new programme that really challenges me and Im achieving my goals way quicker than if I was left to train on my own. I highly recommend Cato & the team at Trigger Fitness to anyone who is serious about investing in their health and fitness. Thank you Cato – youre the best!!...

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Gain Muscle Like The Pros

So you work out, eat well, live healthy - and are still trying to build muscle? Are you frustrated that you're not quite there - still not as ripped as you could be? Missing out on your endurance, still not quite having the edge at work and sport? How'd you like to get there in just 42 days? Get what you need with one of 12 Triple-Pack Biosignature Sessions - only 12 left as I write this to you. Uses the latest techniques coupled with our most qualified practitioners to give you the edge. Don't try and get there on your own - master your body with Biosignature. Only 12 spaces available, first come first served so hit reply now or better still give us a call now on 02 9241 4422...

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Christines transformation

Like most women, I have tried all sorts of diets out there. I would go through phases where I would be really restrictive and then fall off the wagon and eat and drink whatever I wanted. Consequently my weight would yo-yo up and down. I started the 12 week transformation for my upcoming wedding, to get out of the yo yo rut that I was in. This is something that I wanted to do for myself, to achieve the body I always wanted.   Giving up alcohol for 3 months was a big challenge, so to keep me going, I decided to raise money for StreetSmart Australia. With the help of Trigger Fitness and my friends and family I raised a total of $870. Much more money than I originally anticipated. With this added motivation, I found it easier to sacrifice going out and focus...

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Mastering the movement for best results

Written by Coach Sam Wilson. Every single lift you perform in the gym is a learned skill. Remember the first time you drove a car? We can equate this, in a neural sense, to your first time attempting a bench press, squat, arm curl, or any other movement pattern in the gym. Remember how you were heavy on the brakes and overcorrecting every turn? It’s interesting to make this comparison, because many of us are continually adding weight to lifts in the gym when we haven’t learnt how to change gears yet. A phrase that we should never be saying in the gym is ‘that’s good enough’. If a movement is not being performed correctly, it’s time to stop and ask, “Why? What is the limiting factor here and what can we do to address it for optimal results?” Maybe we need to mobilise the...

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James’s 12 week transformation and final photos.

When James and I first spoke about doing a transformation and photo shoot James was already in good shape. You see James, at 44, is a self proclaimed “Be all you can be!” kind of guy. Having regular goals and time frames is a normal part of James health regime. So booking in a photo shoot with Simon Le was just an extension of his already impressive commitment to health. We came up with a plan of attack, 12 weeks of hard training, no alcohol, no late nights and no chocolate! Culminating in a sports photo – shoot. Trigger Fitness would also commit $100 to a charity of James choosing at the completion of the photo shoot. James chose Beyond Blue, a charity he was already supporting. The stage was set. We started with a Vince Gironda method, and a weekly sprint protocol. This coupled...

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Get the Most out of your hard work in the gym

There are many roadblocks on your journey to optimal health and fitness, all your hard work and effort exercising can easily be derailed by what may seem harmless. The key to great health and happiness is to look at your health from a holistic perspective, and spend time addressing your lifestyle with the same gusto you apply to your training program. Below is a short list of key issues that when properly addressed will go a long way towards amplifying your results and expediting your success. A champion physique is made in the kitchen! The most productive time you can spend on your journey to great health is in food preparation. The key here is to develop a plan and implement it, by this I mean write out your meal plan then break it down into a shopping list. Your trip to the markets should...

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Christine is looking great

Christine is looking great! Nearing the end of her transformation, Christine has really turned it on in the last few weeks. Her body is really changing shape and she is working hard to finish those last few percent body fat. The leaner you get, the harder it gets to get lean, and Christine is showing great dedication in these last few weeks to lean out for her photo shoot. We have also implemented twice a day training, Christine is training weights in the morning and again in the afternoon after work. This method is very challenging, and also very rewarding. I look forward to bring you more photos over the next few weeks and can’t wait to see the final shots from Christine’s photo shoot....

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