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It was a year ago when I came across “trigger fitness” when I typed in “personal training George street” in Google. I was amazed by the testimonial page of trigger fitness, in particularly the 12 week transformations. I decided to join trigger fitness straight away. During my one year of training with trigger, I had the opportunity to train with Cato and Luke. When I started, I was unhappy with my body and lifestyle. One year on, I can see a tremendous change in my body compositions and I am now living a healthier life. The trigger team are truly professional. You will receive email notifications each week to keep you update on your sessions. When you want to book extra sessions or move your sessions, all you have to do is contact Latitia and everything will be sorted for you instantly. I don’t think I have words to describe how satisfied I am with the service of trigger fitness.

Sirasit 4 pics

Simone transformation







Simone transform 1







Simone transform 2







Cato is amazing, I cant praise him enough. He’s dedicated, has a really positive attitude, and an incredibly vast knowledge of his profession. Every month there is a new programme that really challenges me and I’m achieving my goals way quicker than if I was left to train on my own. I highly recommend Cato & the team at Trigger Fitness to anyone who is serious about investing in their health and fitness. Thank you Cato – youre the best!!

Paul, after working years as a Chef and also a Barista has suffered ongoing wrist pain. Listen to what he has to say after having a few sessions of ART (Active Release Technique) treatment.

Like most women, I have tried all sorts of diets out there. I would go through phases where I would be really restrictive and then fall off the wagon and eat and drink whatever I wanted. Consequently my weight would yo-yo up and down. I started the 12 week transformation for my upcoming wedding, to get out of the yo yo rut that I was in. This is something that I wanted to do for myself, to achieve the body I always wanted.

Front compare


Giving up alcohol for 3 months was a big challenge, so to keep me going, I decided to raise money for StreetSmart Australia. With the help of Trigger Fitness and my friends and family I raised a total of $870. Much more money than I originally anticipated. With this added motivation, I found it easier to sacrifice going out and focus purely on the program. This was the most mentally and physically challenging thing I have done. I was faced with temptations every day! I can honestly say it was worth the sacrifice and all the hard work.

Compare 2

In the first 4 weeks I had the biggest carbs and sugar cravings. It’s all I could think about. I stayed strong, pushed through and stuck to the meal plans 100%. After this, the cravings actually went away and I was well and truly used to my new nutrition plan. I really enjoyed eating all that meat!



About the week 6 & 7 mark, I was over it and just wanted to give up. I was really struggling mentally to push myself in training, was really exhausted and my appetite was very sporadic. I was struggling to lose body fat even though I was training hard. Cato advised me to some re introduce some berries and some small portions of carbohydrates. After doing this and refocusing on the meal & training plan, the weight started to drop off again.

Compare 3

The final 4 weeks I started doing 2 a day training with a weekly cheat meal. It was very mentally challenging during the final couple of weeks especially in anticipation of the end. But because I never gave up, the results were amazing. I could really see my body changing and was getting stronger.


Over the transformation, my body fat percentage went from 24.8% to 13.9%! The photos turned out amazing! It was a privilege to work with photographer Simon Le.  I’m so happy now that I have not only achieved my physical goals for my wedding but I have also learned how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

photo 5



Trigger Fitness are a very knowledgeable, supportive team and I couldn’t have done it without them. I would encourage everyone to work with Trigger Fitness because their personal attention and individual approach to health and fitness really does work! I am a testament to that. Thank you so much Trigger Fitness!

I started training with Sam about 3 months ago when I came back to Australia from Japan and asked for a more toned body through a combination of weight loss and greater muscle mass with a side order of “cheese grater” abs and an arse that is so built that if a 20 cent piece was dropped on it, you could have an eye out. Over this time, Sam and the Trigger team created 3 alternate programs for me involving lifting, dragging or holding anything between 1kg right up to 80Kg. He taught me that even a 1kg weight can be used to help develop your body which was a revelation as I always thought the 1kg weight was for eating.

Mark Transform

In my sessions, I felt muscles being worked that I didn’t know I had, and learned to love not only the pain during sessions but the great feeling of achievement you get after completing a tough session. Unlike other trainers you will see, who just watch you do exercise while looking at pornography on their IPhones, Sam has a fantastic attention to detail and a constant focus on how you do your exercises. The way to develop with your training is to know exactly how to do an exercise, and not just how much you lift. Sam was always aware of my form and corrected me to maximize the impact each exercise was having. These little corrections make a huge difference to a session and take the burn factor to a whole new level. So much so, in fact, that on several occasions I felt like punching him in the face…..

Overall, Sam is a great trainer who clearly loves what he does. He is attentive and tries to educate about not only your routines, but your diet and general lifestyle. I have enjoyed my sessions with him and look forward to taking what I have learned back to Japan. The gym has become a more embedded part of my life now I know what to really do.

Mark Michalski

Training with Coach Sam Wilson


“Trigger Fitness isn’t just a team of trainers. It’s a group that uses extensive knowledge and experience to encourage its clients to set and achieve their goals through smart programming, nutrition management and soft tissue therapy ensuring that there are no boundaries to health and fitness success.


Cato was the perfect partner on a focused 12 week program designed specifically for me to break through all the strength and fitness goals I’ve achieved to date. For me, the final photo shoot was a great success but what I hope for others who see the results is that they’ll be inspired to get a good trainer, stick to a clean diet and know that age really is no barrier if you stick to a few simple rules.”

James Douglas





“If any one client embodies the ethos of Trigger Fitness it would be Sacha. His life style is a shining example of how one can juggle work, relationship, social commitments and ones dedication to health and fitness. Sacha has trained with us for over 4 years, and has constantly improved, always with a long term commitment in mind. The transformation below took place over 12 weeks, and Sacha has continued to improve his health even since the completion of the transformation. This is a great example of how much can be achieved in 3 short months.”

Sacha web transformation

In Mid 2012 after leaving a career based on fitness and strength I let the luxuries in life take over my daily habits. Fast food and sugar snacks where part of my daily intake. It didn’t help that my gym routine was one I had been doing unchanged for almost a year. This combination was taking its toll on my body, I was tired quite often and didn’t have the mental energy to learn what I needed during my uni classes or fit in my full time job as well without getting home a complete wreck each day.

Enter Cato, I was given a thorough questioner which highlighted my goals and also the areas I wanted to focus on. I was wanting a leaner build but with a lot of strength. Cato came back to me with a gruelling 12 week program that changed every 4 weeks. This was great as it meant my body never had time to get settled in to a routine and it was always being challenged. I found it very hard at first to let go of my normal routine I had become so accustomed to but looking back now, it was the best thing I did.

Putting my trust in Cato and Trigger Fitness has given me the physique I have always wanted. I wake up energized and ready for each day. I’m able to work 8 hours at my job, then another 3 hours at uni each day as well as getting my gym workouts in there and still have energy afterwards to get on with other things. The combination with a new eating plan he provided has empowered me to take control of my health. Huge thanks to Cato for helping me achieve my goals.

If you’re looking for a better quality of life with a trainer who is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares, then Cato and Trigger Fitness are your answer.

James Larkan

Start to finish web

Carlo’s time was Trigger Fitness was cut short unfortunately, due to an unexpected job relocation. During the 10 weeks he worked with us he dropped 10.6% body fat, he finished at 15.5% with an increase of muscle mass of  2kg’s!


Marius transformation 2012 WebMarius at was a robot (strict) during his time with Trigger Fitness. His goals were clear and he kept himself motivated by focusing on the end result. Before leaving Australia to return home, he dropped a whopping 9.2% Body Fat in 12 weeks.

Finishing at 12.9%.






The 12 week transformation was a life-changing experience for me.  It was an extremely challenging 12 weeks, but I can honestly say it was well worth it.  I am now a fitter, healthier and happier version of myself and I have gained a lot of knowledge during the process.

I’m a pretty dedicated person, so I didn’t find it too difficult sticking to the diet and training routines. The hardest part for me was definitely the social side of things. I am 22 years old, so no alcohol and limited foods was definitely tough on my social life.  I found the easiest way of dealing with this was excluding myself from social activities so that I could concentrate on my diet and training.

About 6 weeks in to my transformation I really started to struggle. I was exhausted, had no energy and was very moody. I went in for my weekly body fat test only to find out nothing had really changed. This was very upsetting for me as I’d been working so hard in training and my diet.  Cato told me to change my diet to include more things such as fruit and sweet potato. At this stage, I wanted to give up because mentally I was exhausted and hadn’t gotten any results. But I stuck to it, and funnily enough, this was the solution!  From then on I had a lot more energy and was more successful at dropping body fat.

It was a mentally challenging experience, but after my shoot with Emily Skye I felt like I had really accomplished something great and have never been more proud of myself for getting through it (especially without giving up or cheating on my diet!). The photo shoot with Emily was great fun and I am really happy with how the photos turned out.  They are a reminder to me of my accomplishments and what I can achieve if I really put my mind to it.

Lisa Transformation 2012 web resize







I cannot thank Cato and the Trigger Fitness team enough for helping me achieve this goal. I honestly couldn’t have done it without them!

Lisa B

I have been training since I was 17 when I first joined the Army.  I was always an perfect example of an ectomorph and no matter how much I ate or  “supplements” (I use the term loosely, as I now know thanks to Cato I was wasting a lot of money on the wrong stuff) I took, I would always plateau both in strength and size.  I was a muscle & fitness addict and truly believed the Weider principals would help me achieve the goals I wanted.  How wrong I was.  I was pretty much running the same training program for many years and wondering why I was getting anywhere.

Then several years ago I discovered Crossfit.  This was really helpful, as I had to have coaching just to be able to do some of these new crazy movements called ‘Olympic lifts’.  However even then after a while I noticed no matter how hard I trained or what I ate I couldn’t seem to get to my goal weight or lift’s.

Then I had a chat with Cato.

I have know Cato for over 7 years and I first met him when we both trying out for Special Forces.  Through a lot hard work we both managed to get through.  I had known that Cato had got out and was now a very successful personal trainer.  So I had a discussion with him one day that I was thinking about trying something different to Crossfit .  This had come about because I had tried one of the programs he had written for a mate and I had ended up with a set of doms that I couldn’t remember feeling since I was 17.  Not only that but my mate was getting exceptional results and I felt I was missing out.

By now I had been training for almost 12 years and Cato through several discussion’s helped me figure out that I had been doing a lot of things wrong.  His scientific knowledge of how the body works, supplementation and nutrition is world class.  In 6 months of training with him I have gone from 81kg to 88kg naturally mind you and have broken all my PR’s.   I have people accusing me of being on steroids, that’s how good his training and nutritional/supplementation advice is.

His programs are the best I have ever undertaken and I am in better shape now (10kg’s heavier) then I was after completing my Special Forces selection and training course.  Not only that but I feel healthier and sleep better.

I cannot tell enough people how much Cato has helped me in achieving my fitness goals and couldn’t recommend anyone higher.   If you want exceptional results you need an exceptional Trainer.

Danny V

I have trained seriously since I was 17. Following all the trends but I have never really subscribed too any certain type of training, I just found myself trying bits of everything. My job requires me to be fit and healthy. It’s one thing to think that all your training is paying off because you’re physical results show you changes. But it’s another thing to feel better as a result.

From all my experience in training there are many Personal Trainers out there who are more than happy to tell you one thing and do the opposite. Cato practices what he preachers it is a lifestyle to him not just a job and that shows in him and his athlete’s results.

I have had a number of injuries over my training life, many resulting in Orthopaedic Surgical intervention. Most recently back to back shoulder reconstructions. After my second shoulder reconstruction I was still left with pain in my joint and was informed that I would have to medicate for the rest of my life as “there is nothing else we can do” according to my surgeon. I went away thinking surely that isn’t the answer.

I met Cato through a mutual friend and got chatting about my injuries and what was said. He mentioned to me his “Structural Balance” as the base of his training and programming. So I figured why not, there had to be a better option than medication. I went in with an open mind and haven’t looked back. For someone who had trained for many years I had to go back to the very basics and get my body structurally balanced before loading it up again. Needless to say with Cato’s programming all my pain has subsided.

Cato has a knack for making his programming both hard work and enjoyable. I leave the gym with my body warn out and a huge smile on my face. I look forward to the start of a new month to see what my new program has to offer both the challenges and the results. Cato has me training in ranges with loads that I would have never pushed myself to do without his coaching and motivation.

Not only does Cato provide training but nutritional advice too. All the advice Cato has given me has resulted in far exceeding previous training results in my lifts, but I feel better physically and mentally. This all flows onto other facets of life, work, family, rest and relaxation. It’s a definite lifestyle change.

I have nothing but respect for someone who is so giving of his time and knowledge to help out his athletes. And not too forget the sensational service from Latitia in the office. Trigger Fitness is a lifestyle.

As an athlete I have found Cato nothing but the best. No matter what level of experience or expectations you may have, Cato has the skills and knowledge to train any athlete.

Cato isn’t selling you an hour in the gym. Cato is showing you the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Luke V.

I would like to thank Cato and the Trigger team for their support and advice throughout the 12 weeks of training.

The start of the 12 week challenge was tuff.  Changing my eating habits to Cato’s nutition and supplementation advice was going to be a challenge in itself.  When I came on with Trigger Fitness, Cato first pinched me at 12.8% BF.  I came in at a lean 6.0% BF for my shoot.  All up a total loss of 6.8% BF.

Being 23 years old I cut out alcohol for that 12 weeks which was insane.  Who doesn’t like a beer on a Saturday afternoon!  Saying that, I took on his advice as I knew cutting alcohol and eating the right food was critical for dropping body fat to achieve the body I was after for my shoot.

During the 12 weeks of hard training, periodization was a key factor to this outcome.  The programs were tailored to my needs and were exciting and challenging.  I knew I just had to push through and think of the end result, being the photo shoot.

The last two weeks were a mental challenges as I just wanted to eat all the food I was eating before.  (Pizza, ice cream) etc, all the good stuff haha  Once week out I cut all carbohydrates and felt tired and hungry the whole time.

The day of the shoot came around quick in the last few weeks.  It was an amazing feeling having completed the challenge.  Looking at the photos from Simon Le Photography, my hard work and dedication was all worth it.


My next goal is to compete in the 2013 ANB male fitness model competition late next year.

Thanks all, and looking forward to future programs to put me in shape for the ANB competition.

Hope you enjoy the photos J


“After a year of training myself and reading different accounts of what to train, how to train it, how much supplements to take and so on, I finally realised that with all the effort, time and money that the results hadn’t quite come about as anticipated. I had spoken to Cato in the gym generally and i liked his approach to training so thought i would give it a go. Six months later and with a new healthy diet, appropriate supplements and reduced training, I am obtaining great results, breaking personal best for weight lifting and feeling amazing.

I enjoy the rotation of exercises focusing on the balance of strength and size, but also the initial few months of realignment and remediation work. I no longer struggle with a long term elbow injury which inhibited my surfing and have a much better posture that I feel gives me greater confidence. You only get out what you put in so I have listened to what I have been told and challenge myself to go further with Cato directing my ideas and desires into results”

Steve Coutts

Teemu, seen in the photo casually arm curling 40 kg’s, recently left Australia to move back to his home country in Finland.  Here are the results that he achieved while training with Stu at Trigger Fitness:

  • Starting Weight: 72kg’s
  • Finishing Weight: 78 kg’s
  • Bodyfat Loss: 3%
  • Lean Mass Gain: 5.5kg’s!

Being a Pescetarian did make it more difficult for Teemu to gain muscle than someone who eats meat other than fish.  However, with smart and minimal supplementation and a consistent 4 a week dedication to training, Teemu’s result’s skyrocketed.

From a Bio Signature perspective his Tricep skinfold, a reading that determines how male you are, went from 14mm to 5mm!  It had initially been ascertained, through blood tests, that Teemu’s androgen levels were below the norm.  This explained the first reading of 14mm.   When we figured this out we decided to add BCAA’s, or “Magic Pills” as Teemu called them, to his training regime.  With the addition of BCAA’s each workout, and some Zinc, Teemu consistently put on 1kg of muscle mass a month!

His enthusiasm for training and a desire to always do better made it an absolute pleasure to train him.  He would always come to training with a smile on his face ready to improve on what he had achieved the last workout.  Here is what Teemu has to say:

“Training with a personal trainer makes such a huge difference! It was

exciting how every training program made me inspired and getting

results lifted my motivation. Gym sessions became so enjoyable that I

started to plan my weeks around them. It’s been a great start for a

new healthier lifestyle!”

Teemu will be sorely missed.  We wish him all the best in Finland!

Teemu Teemu - Stuart

Stu is a great trainer whom I would highly recommend to anyone. He is professional, friendly and very knowledgable.

When I first started with Stu I had an injury plagued knee, on which I had already had two surgeries as well as intermittent shoulder pain from sitting hunched over a desk all day using a mouse. The plan was to train with Stu for three months, just long enough to address these issues.

Stu’s approach included not only training tailored specifically to my needs, but also guidance on the best stretching techniques, diet tips and supplements which would help me achieve my goals.

Well, after training with Stu for 3 months all the tension in my shoulders was a thing of the past. I still sit at a desk all day, but my posture had improved so much by then that even with deadlines and the longest of days that pain stays away.

The benefit to my knee was also immeasurable. Carrying any load up and down stairs used to be a such a trial and now I don’t even think about it even when I am weighed down with suitcases. Mission accomplished!

The three months were up and I had achieved my initial aims. Problem! I didn’t want to stop training! Now I go just because the sessions with Stu are always fun, challenging, and it has been quite amazing to see just how strong I am getting.

Each month there is a new and engaging programme which not only continually makes me stronger, but also focuses on improving any weaknesses.

Stu has also been very helpful in answering any question I have had. Whether they were about nutrition, supplements or anything to with the body really.

I have gone from thinking of training as a chore to get through, to something I look forward too, all thanks to Stu.


Jen O'Regan Client - Stuart

“Choosing to train with Stuart is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Professional and knowledgeable with my training goals as a priority, he has the experience that cannot be duplicated. He keeps pushing me and getting me stronger, fitter and leaner, and he doesn’t let me “let myself down”. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart as a trainer. It will be the best decision you will make as well”

Adrian Banks

Adrian Banks

When I decided to get healthy I wasn’t interested in ‘looking’ good, I just wanted to stop feeling sick all the time and get some energy back. Suffering a few autoimmune conditions my Doctors pretty much told me there was nothing I could do but I figured getting fit could help.

I sought the help of Trigger Fitness and had the pleasure of trainnig with Latitia, and later Cato. I had never been to a gym, let alone lifted any kind of weights before and wasn’t too sure I’d like it. Actually I was dreading it and was sure it was going to be horrible.

Their passion for what they do is inspiring and they taught me so much about fitness & nutrition that my entire life has changed. I really enjoy weight training and now eating a mainly Paleo diet I have never felt better! I dropped from 27.3 down to 15.5% body fat and became a true believer in BioSignature.

I now want to study nutrition to learn more and inspire others as Cato & Latitia inspired me.

My goal is to now get to 14% and find that 6 pack I never knew I wanted :-)

Thanks Cato & Latitia for all your help!

Carly Client - Cato

Before I met Latitia and Cato, I was a complete idiot when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, let me prove it to you….

I thought bread was health food, sugar doesn’t make you fat, and the only way you can lose weight is if you don’t eat dinner.

Yes… laugh all you want. At least I have proven my point.

So unsurprisingly, I didn’t lose any weight, in fact, by trying to lose weight, I gained so much of it.

That’s when I decided that I needed help and started training with Latitia and later with Cato.

To say that I am happy with their service is a massive understatement!

They are highly professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, and they are always kind enough to answer any questions that I have about training or nutrition, even the stupid ones.

(and I asked lots of stupid questions as I knew practically nothing)

To top it all off, they make training fun and challenging at the same time!

I have not regretted the decision that I made that day and I never will.

Thanks to them, I have a much better understanding of what I put in my mouth every day and the importance of exercise.

As a result, I have lost 14.7 kg and 10.9% bodyfat, I feel stronger, I have more energy, and as a bonus, I have better posture too!!

I still have a bit more to go before I reach my goal, but with their guidance, I’m sure I’ll get there.

I highly recommend trigger fitness to anyone who wishes to improve their health and wellbeing.

Fei website 1Fei website 2

Feilicia Client - Cato

Cato came highly recommended; I was referred to him, to get me into shape for a trip to Mt. Everest.

Cato’s skill as a trainer and previous experience in the Special Forces made him the perfect choice for me, to get me in shape for what would be one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of my life.

After 3 months of training I was lean, strong, injury free and ready to tackle Mt. Everest, I also had some key supplements to keep me healthy despite poor food quality in Nepal and prevent muscle wastage at high altitude. Cato had done exactly what I wanted and more.

I returned to Sydney from a successful Everest campaign, ready to get back into training with Cato, he put all of the muscle back on me that I lost in Nepal and more. I am now in the best shape of my life thanks to Cato.

I highly recommend Cato to anyone looking for a trainer that is very clearly a cut above the rest.

Trigger Fitness is a very professional outfit that I am happy to continue to working with.

Steven Adams Client - Cato

“Meeting Cato, Latitia and Shan of Trigger Fitness was a great discovery! Not only am I more inspired than I have ever been – in terms of fitness, nutrition and fitness education – but I have discovered ART (Active Release Technique) which Cato specialises in. I have had neck and back problems for a long time now and have tried multiple therapies.

After much desperation I discovered that Cato practises ART and booked in for a treatment. After 2 treatments all my little niggles were gone and I had the first pain free work out in a long time. Since the treatment I have been sleeping better and have so much more energy to put into training. I would highly recommend ART and training with Trigger Fitness as they are inspirational and offer a lifelong approach to fitness. “

Rachelle Trayer Client - Cato

NickI have lifted weights since my mid-teens, my physique has always been very important to me. Initially as a first grade rugby league player and now as a professional model, I have always taken my weights training seriously. In the last year or so my progress had reached a plateau, to the point where I needed some help.

It was at this point I was referred to Cato at Trigger Fitness to help with my training, and I’m very pleased I found him.

Cato’s weights programs and nutritional advice has provided the structure and motivation I needed to break the plateau and start to see some outstanding results. I have gained around 3 kilos of lean muscle and dropped some stubborn body fat I didn’t think would ever budge.

I am very impressed with Cato’s knowledge of training, nutrition, supplementation and manual therapy. I will continue to work with Cato in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a world class trainer.”

Nick Taylor Client - Cato

In the time I have been training with Cato I have built a physique I didn’t think I was ever capable of building. I have gone from being relatively shy and self-conscious about my looks, to, confident and comparatively outgoing, regularly receiving compliments on my appearance. Training with Cato has definitely had an immeasurable positive influence on my self-esteem and confidence.

Cato provides structure which enabled me to develop my own routine. Monthly programs, stretch programs, sprint programs, dietary guidelines and supplement protocols are all provided and explained in an easy to understand format and constantly updated.

Over the last 3 years I have watched in amazement as Cato has dedicated himself to constant education with the best in the health business. Always returning from various courses and seminars from around the world with a new level of enthusiasm and some terrifying new workouts! His knowledge of the human body is seemingly endless, constantly growing and his enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to my new program every month and I always enjoy our weekly sessions.

I can highly recommend Cato as a personal trainer, he is a dedicated professional.

Jonathan Castellas Client - Cato

My name is Joe Bonington, I am a senior Personal Trainer who has been in the game for many years. You may ask, why does this guy need a personal trainer?….. because I believe in it! I fully understand the need to have an external and knowledgeable coach. And why do I use Cato at Trigger Fitness? Because Cato is passionate about what he does, he also has a thirst for knowledge and a technical mind, he is focused, applies science based principles to his programming and mostly…. because he gets great results.

If your looking for a great ,reliable, knowledgable and safe trainer look no further. On top of all this he’s a really nice bloke as well but don’t let him know that.

Joe Bonington

Joe Bonington Client - Cato

I decided when I was 29 that I wanted to change my lifestyle and get fit and healthy before I turned 30. The last time I had exercised would have been at least 12 years ago when I used to play football in high school.

I joined Fitness First and started building my cardio fitness however after a period of 2-3 months my progress seemed to plateau. It was at this point I signed up for personal training with Cato.

In the last 12 months I have found Cato to be reliable, knowledgeable and professional. He is always happy to share his knowledge and is skilful in demonstrating various exercises.

Cato has helped me work on my core strength, functional strength and general fitness which I have found helped me in all areas of my life. He provides me with a personalised exercise programme each month targeting specific areas of strength that I need to work on. The programme is constantly evolving based on my individual progress and is constantly challenging me which I find keeps me motivated.

In the last 12 months I have increased my muscle mass by over 10kg. I have gone from bench pressing 30kg to 75kg and my squat has increased from 40kg to approximately 110kg. It is without a doubt that I would not have achieved these results without Cato’s guidance and support.

I feel stronger, happier and have more energy to get through my work day. I have also found that my confidence has grown as a result of this.

I am extremely happy with the service provide by Cato and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wishing to improve their strength, fitness and general wellbeing.

James McFarland Client - Cato

“I first started training weights for rugby. I needed to improve my size and strength. I was not familiar with the weights room and made all the common mistakes most people make when they first start out. I was trying to lift too much weight, with poor form and payed no attention to balancing my body parts.

Until I met Cato.

He could clearly see my poor exercise technique and began helping me with simple tips. It wasn’t long before I started training with him. The improvements in my results were immediate. That was in 2009.

In 2010 I was tackled at an odd angle while playing Rugby, leaving me with a significant back injury, a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. The injury was painful and debilitating, but that was not the worst of it, the Doctors told me I wouldn’t play Rugby again.

After receiving treatment from my physio and working with Cato in the weights room, I was able to strengthen my lower back to the point that I felt confident to get back on the rugby field. It took two years of hard work, but I am very pleased to say that this year I played a full season.

Working with Cato was pivotal in my successful return to rugby, and I continue to work with him today. His knowledge of training and soft tissue treatment, enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to my individual needs makes him a clear choice when looking for a highly skilled trainer to train me. I happily recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent personal trainer.”

Christian Lombardo

Christian Lombardo Client - Cato

Cato is at the top of his game!

His coaching and tutelage has helped me become stronger, leaner and happier than I thought was possible. As a competitive Kick Boxer it is very important for me to be as strong as possible at my fighting weight and injury free.

I am now at 6.9% Body fat and the strongest I have ever been (without jumping up a weight category!) thanks to Cato’s knowledgeable application of weights programing.

Using Cato’s recommendations in sports supplementation and nutrition has dramatically improved my performance in the ring and in training.

Cato is at the cutting edge of his industry and is constantly educating himself, I strongly recommend Cato to anyone that wants the best.

Shan Govindasamy Client - Cato

What an incredible year it has been. Words can’t fully express the gratitude I have for the both of you. Thank you is so simple.

The Time, knowledge, skill ,motivation and dedication that was provided to me over the past year has been incredible. Dispite my defeat in Abu dhabi and numerous injuries, I have gone from strength to strength and this is completely due to Trigger Fitness. I have trained Bjj for years , technique and speed has always been my tactic, however as I have gotten older and my competitors are getting younger, it has been my strength that has let me down. During my Bout in Melbourne It was my strength that really shone through. My competitors skill and speed where equal to mine….but where I got her was in my ability to sustain my grips and drive.

Thanks to your Strength programming I have regained my tiitle and am once again the 2011 Pan Pacific Champion!!


Jean Alvisse Client - Cato

Starting out in the Personal Training industry can be very daunting for those who are not already “gym bunnies”. Even then, the ideal world and what ends up being reality in terms of training clients can leave you scratching your head. The majority of the clientele that you will end up with are sick, injured, and in no way capable of training at the level that you are at. Also, with the explosion of the PT industry there is unfortunately a lot misinformation and poorly educated ‘gurus’ that try and sell you the impossible dream. I would say this is why the average life span of PT is 18 months.


The decision to undertake the apprenticeship with Cato was the best decision I have ever made. The year that I spent with him developing my skills as a Personal Trainer have excelled me light years ahead of the competition. Looking back, it would have taken me at least 3 years to attain the same level of knowledge, competence, and professionalism. One of the major reasons for this is that he provided a no nonsense approach to the material that prevented me from wasting my time with information and ideas that were irrelevant. Plus when you see him in action you can’t help but want to emulate the air of professionalism and success that he gives off.


His training opened my eyes to the world of Rehabilitation, Functional Medicine, Strength Training, Hypertrophy Training, and Business Development for a Personal Trainer. By challenging me each week on my knowledge and my own education he instilled a great passion for learning that is necessary for longevity in the industry. The knowledge that I have attained during the apprenticeship and passion that Cato instilled into me has been so great that it has led me to pursue a Degree in Physiotherapy. Seeing the passion for life that people rediscover when rehabilitated from injury has been a great source of job satisfaction for me.


One of the other great aspects about the apprenticeship is that you feel like you are part of a team. Cato and Latitia always make you feel like you are part of the family. Plus Latitia was always going above and beyond to make sure I was looked after, particularly at those moments of crisis. One thing I found when I started is that the PT industry can be very lonely at times. Hidden agendas, and egos can often override the positive nature of the industry. Therefore it feels good to know you are part of a team that is constantly pursuing excellence, and genuinely wants to help you.


I can’t speak highly enough of the time I spent with Cato. I would recommend it to any PT who isn’t sure where they want to go, or who wants to be a part of what I consider the best team in Sydney.


Stuart Dixon

Stuart Dixon Apprenticeship and mentoring program - Cato